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Friday, September 16, 2005

Fat Arnold...this is what happens when you go off steroids!

Like it has been coyly noted for the past week, The Gropenfuhrer has thrown his spiked helmet back into the ring for a second go-round. He is hoping that announcing will, in the words of AP political writer Beth Fouhy, re-energize his sagging momentum. As you can see from the picture we chose to run with, he needs to also re-energize other things that are sagging. Like his pecs.

In early polling, Phil Angelides is beating Arnold 46% to 42%. Steve Westly is beating Arnold by a smaller margin, 44% to 40%. No matter how you slice it, though, only 39% of registered voters want Arnold back. The Dem and Indie voters who helped get him in last time are simply not there to support him: 83% of registered Democrats and 61% of self-identified independents want him gone.

The only thing left for Arnold to rely on is the Republican base. And time and time again, it has been proven that this is not enough to win the State House in California.

Hasta la vista, schmuck.