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Monday, September 12, 2005

Forget what I said about "Maybe say yes on 79 but no on everything else."

We need a simple frame for this special election. And this is it:

Just say NO to Arnold and his wasteful special election. Tell Arnold NEIN!

79 is a good initiative, especially when you consider how much it's making Big Pharma sweat. However, for the sake of a simple message that we can take everywhere, NO on EVERYTHING can't be beat.

Yeah, it does fit the "Party of No" frame that the GOP tried to hang on the national Democratic Party. But every mother and father knows that when the brats are running wild, someone needs to slam the brakes on and reestablish authority. A responsible adult, when faced with the irresponsible and inept actions of the overgrown Austrian baby, needs to take charge and say NO.

Tell him NEIN. Take that message to every one of his "Town Hall" meetings he's doing. Take it to every appearance. Take it to every photo op. Tell Arnold NEIN! He can't be trusted. He's not a responsible adult. He needs to be spanked at the ballot box twice: on November 8th, and when (and if) he stands for re-election next year. Just say NEIN. That is all.