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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Big blog pimpin'...

PenguinRocket (I wonder if s/he's Linux powered?) came up with a wonderful list of horrifying links about the Hurricane Dubya debacle. It's a few days old at this point but it's chock full of goodness for defeating the spinning after the spinning.

I finally got to see the Face The Nation footage this evening. My god. Forget about Ray Nagin, I think I know who should be President of more than just Jefferson Parish. Aaron Broussard has been sounding the alarm about the precarious state of New Orleans for years now, one of many voices in the wilderness who should have been heeded but weren't. He has been one of the people promoting wetlands restoration to mitigate hurricane damage and seems to have been trying to get people to listen to the science about it for years.

Oh yeah, when the talk gets to rebuilding, we need to talk to the experts from The Netherlands on what to do to prevent another Hurricane Dubya. Between the Delta Plan and the Maaslandkering Project, the Dutch have managed to keep the North Sea at bay quite well since the tragic floods of the 1950s. Here's a link to some information about these great feats of engineering. The guy who runs this site admires Pim Fortuyn, a racist anti-immigrant politician who was to Holland what Jean LePen is to France and what groups like The Minutemen (not the band, the guys who go off to play "cowboys and Mexicans" at the US/Mexican border) are to the US. However, this does not change the fact that this is a very readable and understandable description of what they are doing to keep Rotterdam, an important port city very much like New Orleans, out of flood danger.

I am beginning to be in danger of getting obsessed with this whole Hurricane Dubya situation. I'd better watch myself. Ms. Geek out.