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Friday, September 09, 2005

Must see TV: no, I don't mean the Hurricane Dubya telethon either.

Us And Them: a meditation on current events.

By Joe Max, based on a concept by Driftglass.

(Warning: Some *very* disturbing imagery)

Unfortunately this is QuickTime which is not F/OSS friendly. It's not even Windows friendly. I want to save this, but you have to get QuickTime Pro for that. I am so pissed off now at Apple for basically cutting both of my MacOS X capable Macs off of iTunes with version 5 with its 500MHz CPU minimum (I have a 350MHz Blue-And-White minitower and a 300MHz Clamshell iBook) that I don't want to give Apple any more money. Tiger? Bite me. Mac mini? I'll get a refurbed one. Pay for QuickTime Pro? FOAD, Steve. When Panther ceases to be useful I will Debianize both of my Blueberry Babies. The Minitower could theoretically get a Tiger in its tank, but no way, not after this.

For the people iTunes abandoned, Panic Software has been offering its very worthy Audion mp3/Ogg Vorbis/CD player for free since they abandoned it after Version 3. Hell, I might even *buy* their Transmit FTP program to thank them for such a bitchen little mp3 player.

Anyway enough of that. Tomorrow will mark the end of Week II of the Woodbury U experience, and I can blog a little about that here right now.

1.) There is just as much red tape and bureaucracy at a small school as there is at a big school. Which sucks. I want my fsckn money's worth considering how far they are bending me over on student loans. I want a concierge desk to handle the red tape for me. It's good to have a personal academic advisor. If you wanted academic counseling at LAVC you needed an appointment. It's as easy as going to my Abnormal Psych class for me.

2.) All the accomodations for my math disability have been dealt with, and I have lots and lots of resources now to get through Math 149. Also, the book is a huge improvement from the horrors of Educo's books/software.

3.) Not sure if I'll be able to handle 15 units of coursework. However, I will give it my best shot.

Which reminds me...I have a "journal" to do for one of my classes. Better wrap this up.

Note 9/11/2005, 10:20am: putting the link to "Us And Them" in my blog was useful because I could just hold down the mouse button on my Mac and capture the QT file to disk. "Save to disk" is your friend. Steve Jobs isn't.