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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A brief moment to blog before my next class. Yes, I love this pervasive (although ubiquitous is a bit of a misnomer) bandwidth here.

I still can't say that I *like* Math, but it has been getting easier and easier for me. I will be coming here early tomorrow to get some more Supplemental Instruction, and today I not only had Math 149 but a S.I. session. Tuesday is the day I stay at Woodbury pretty much the entire day. I have three classes, and it doesn't make sense to go home between them.

I feel a lot more prepared for the test on Thursday. I thought I might have to take the test today because that's what was blocked out for me, but no, my call is Thursday afternoon from 3 to 5. I think I would have done ok today anyway, because I did some extra prep work and I almost got through a review of chapters 1 and 2 in an hour, and that was a good crop of questions, not all of them easy.

It is wonderful how my other classes dovetail so well together. Yes, they are all Psych classes, but I have managed to get Abnormal Psych, Cross-Cultural Psych, Family Systems and Psychology of Aging together in one semester. Each seems to relate to each other. I seem to also have a few classmates who are in just about every single class I'm in, except for Family Systems which is a weekend class, and nobody wants to take classes on a Saturday unless that's the only way you can get them.

Even though Woodbury is hardly as sprawlingly huge as Cal State University Northridge or even LA Valley College, it's on a hillside and there are a few places where the grade of the Verdugos is palpable as you walk. I'm losing some weight, finally, and Tuesdays when I have my wheeled computer bag and a full book bag dragging along behind me can feel like dragging a sledge across the Antarctic. I've got to take some pix of the is huge. Then again, I *could* lighten the load if I only took Navi and left BlueTank and its accessories behind at home. I have most of the install work done on the little darlin' but I still have tweaking to do. As Jim Smith would tell you, that which doesn't kill you really hurts a lot. And it does make you stronger.

I think I'm really getting to like it here. LAVC still feels like "home" but this is quite comfortable. And I'm really getting used to the good food. You couldn't live on LAVC cafeteria food. Ever see "Super Size Me?" It wouldn't take a month to do the kind of damage that the guy did from LAVC food. I'd give you a week, tops, before the toxicity got you. I could see living on the food at "Woody's," though. Good eats.

Class is about to start...I'd better wrap this up.