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Sunday, September 18, 2005

(Replacement for a post I made which could give some people the wrong idea.)

Tomorrow I am going to have to straighten things out at Woodbury. Once and for all.

Currently their business office has been oscillating between two different sums of money that I either owe them or they owe me. Every time I try to get them to put it right, somehow or another they oscillate back to the scenario where I owe them rather than they owing me.

Can you say "Bait and Switch?"

Can you say "Bleeding a turnip?"

Can you say "If I owe, then I don't go?" I knew you could. Very good, kids.

This current situation is the cherry atop the shit sundae that is my life. I have been feeling quite hopeless about the political situation. I have been feeling depressed about finances. I have been feeling depressed about the prospect of having to leave Woodbury after incurring lots of nasty student loan debt without anything to show for it. I have been feeling depressed about my impotence to do anything for the victims of Hurricane Dubya except shoot my mouth off. And I've been feeling hopeless and depressed over what will happen in 2006. Unless there is a huge surge of votes for Democratic Party candidates and the House and Senate flip, the Orwellian scenario in the US will be here to stay.

"If you want to know the future, imagine a (cowboy) boot stomping on a human face. Forever."

However, it's all not gloom and doom here, no matter how my sick my heart feels right now. For one thing, yesterday I got the yellow postcard I have been waiting for. My diploma is ready at LA Valley College. And a friend of mine who currently lives in Britain but is a Canadian citizen says she will do whatever it takes to help me should I have to flee North to leave a US that has gone completely overboard.

I feel angry now. Anger good. Depression bad.

Daria: "OK, now find some other way to feel."

Sandi: "OOOOHHHH!!!!"

Daria: "See, it's working."

from "The Misery Chick," "Daria" episode #113, Glenn Eichler