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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Tonight's the general meeting of the Panorama City Neighborhood Council (Forming) and I'm feeling like my body's made of lead. Thankfully Saturday is an "off" Saturday for Family Systems class, so I'll be able to have a bit of downtime.

I really should go tonight. Hopefully I won't doze off in my seat. I might need some heavy caffeine.

BTW Ah-nold's unveiled his ads for the Special (as in Special Ed) Election. They all are outclassed by the opposition's current batch, and I'm hoping the one that actually features Herr Lunkheadstein gets more play. Because he's so hated, the more we can associate him with the Special Election, the worse it will be for the hateful propositions. I like the framing of some of the ads: Proposition 75 is the "Shut up the Nurses, Firefighters, Cops and Teachers" proposition. The fight against Proposition 73, which some blogs have referred to as the "Incest Perpetrators' Protection Act," is calling itself "The Campaign For Teen Safety." Those are good frames. Another frame I'd actively support during another election would be to call Proposition 79 "The Measure Big Pharma Fears Most." However, I think that the best frame of all remains "Vote No On Everything: Say NEIN! To Arnold."

Rita scares the shit out of me because of the potential for disruption of oil production. Katrina was bad, but it's as if Rita was sent to knock out what Katrina didn't. A friend of mine who lives on the TX/LA border has finally been persuaded to leave town. I hope he succeeds in escaping the storm's wrath. Also, another friend has parents in Houston, and some of DailyKOS' best writers are in harm's way this time. This is not good, no matter how you slice it. It's a bit far along to hope that Rita would take a South Of The Border trip, but hopefully it will continue to weaken.

Please, no more of this. Rita has to be the end of it. However, hurricane season ends November 1st. One more month of this and the entire United States could be bankrupted. Crap.