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Saturday, September 24, 2005

This is the REAL Arnold Schwarzenegger talking...if you had thought he was a "moderate" and "pro-choice" you are dead wrong. In an interview with the Sacramento Bee, he said he would "kill" anyone who took his daughter to get an abortion behind his back.

He still says he's pro-choice...for adult women. However, isn't this kind of rhetoric the very sort that would drive a desperate daughter to get an abortion without parental consent? Certainly threats of homicide are enough to make a daughter fearful enough to not want to involve her parents in such a situation.

If Proposition 73 passes, it would require a clinic to breach confidentiality and send written notification to a minor girl's parents if she asks for an abortion. There is provision in the bill to allow the minor to petition the court for an exception to the notification, but of course this is an onerous provision that would likely be rarely invoked. Most shockingly of all, the bill defines abortion as the "killing" of an “unborn child, a child conceived but not yet born.” This would add this definition to the California Constitution, setting up a constitutional crisis where the right to privacy would have to be weighed against the "rights" of "a child conceived but not yet born" in deciding whether abortion would remain safe and legal here. This is the real nugget of evil in this proposition. This definition would be a slow poison of a woman's right to choose in California. This is also why Domino's Pizza magnate, Opus Dei member and radical anti-abortion activist Dave Monaghan has been funding the campaign for Proposition 73.

Arnold is beginning to show his true GOP-loyalist colors now. He is appealing to the GOP right wing base, and letting them know their wish is his command. Do we really want someone like this to continue to be the Governor of the State of California? Do we really want California to become an outpost of Red America? This is what's at stake now.

Also it looks like Rita ended up being less potent than everyone thought it would be. This is good news. I'm sure it's cold comfort for the folks in NOLA who now have to deal with more levee breakage and subsequent flooding. The largely impoverished 9th Ward is again underwater, Not a good situation.

Oh yeah, I'm sick today. Is it allergies or is it a cold? Dunno. Hopefully I'll be feeling better soon. It wouldn't surprise me if it was a cold...temps have been whipsawing between unseasonably cool and seasonably warm here in the San Fernando Valley. A sure fire recipe for a cold. :P However, certainly that pales by comparison with the problems of those dealing with the aftermath of Rita. My best to all.