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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Just a little note to show that the DC rally is freakin' huge...2K demonstrators my ass...

Lookie here:

Fucking CSPAN stop covering the ANSWER loonies and cover the REAL STORY, Dammit!

The link goes to a DailyKOS article which is the source for this pic as well as a whole slew of others.

It's not just stupid neo-Stalinists trapped in the 1960s out in force's the American public, and we want an endgame in Iraq!!! Rita and Katrina are making things clear: we cannot afford to fight an elective war in Iraq and care for our people here! No more Borrow and Binge economics! No more elective wars! Bush and his co-conspirators need to be IMPEACHED AND REMOVED for their lies! Yes! It is all about lying before Congress! And not just about a stupid juvenile affair, either. 2,000 dead American boys and girls is a bigger matter than cheating on your wife.