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Friday, September 30, 2005

City on fire...

Photo by Nick Ut, AP: The Verdugo Hills burn.

Yesterday evening I went to bed thinking that the fire in Burbank had been contained completely and that it was well on its way to being knocked down. Not so. It flared up again today. Right now the fire is on a trajectory to cut across the Verdugo Hills towards La Crescenta.

Even if the winds shift, it is unlikely to get anywhere near Woodbury.

where's the fire?

Click the pic to get a closer look.

However, the smoke is probably going to be heavy around the Woodbury area. And me with this cold! I am on the horns of a dilemma now. My Family Systems class only meets every other Saturday. Miss one class, you miss a lot. However, I am likely to be miserable in class. It's always worse at night and even worse than that when you get up in the morning. Class starts at 8am and goes on until Noon. My Prof already knows I'm sick but she seemed to not be too concerned about it...she told me to "take care of myself and get well."

Anyway, I'm definitely thinking of not attending tomorrow. It will be hard enough to breathe with this cold and with the smoke from both the Burbank and the Topanga fires. Oh well. I want to be over with this damn cold. Rest, fluids, and as Beavis and Butt-Head said in a memorable episode, "The leading inscription cold remedy." Sounds good. I made Mexican-style chicken soup tonight for dinner, and having it a few more times should be good medicine too.