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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Supreme Court fight...from Bizarro World.

That's the only way to describe what's shaping up since the nomination of Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court vacancy left by the departing Sandra Day O'Connor. It is the ultra-Right Wing, Jeezo-groveler faction of the GOP that has been the screaming the loudest about how wrong Miers is for the post, and people from the Democratic Party who have said "let's give her a chance, shall we?"

OK, so next we'll be seeing, to quote the Ghostbusters, "Fire and brimstone....the dead rising from the grave...cats and dogs living together...." and any number of other signs of Apocalypse. Really, this is that much of a dose of cognitive dissonance.

I urge caution, restraint, and a thorough grilling. She's probably the best that the Loyal Opposition's going to get out of Bush, but we need to at least make sure that this is truly the case and she's not some sort of killer fembot designed to shoot bullets from her brassiere when approached by a liberal lawyer, or Harriet, Culture Warrior Princess, or whatever. Right now, all bets are off and anything's possible. This is just too freakin' weird. Suddenly finding yourself in limited agreement with people like Pat Buchanan and not in agreement with Senator Harry Reid is just too much.

In amidst all this weirdness, I do smell a rat. A big fat Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man of a rat named Karl Rove. I think that she may very well be a right-wing nut job without a paper trail, and that certain folks on the ultra-Right are reading from Rove-prepared scripts of feigned outrage at the nomination to give her the cover we need. I keep hearing that Calamari dude from Star Wars screaming "It's a trap!" in my head.

Proceed with caution, folks...

Update 9:47pm PDT: Now George Will has his bowtie out of joint about Harriet The Spy. I still think she's a trojan-horse candidate, but it sure is fun to watch the ultra-right wing Kultur-Kampf types have conniptions over her.