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Thursday, October 13, 2005

I think I'm going to be all right. After an exchange of email with my Family Systems prof, I'm only going to have to get the presentation finished, not the paper to go with it. The paper is due as a term paper. Whew!

I have just about everything ready to go. I need to pre-flight the presentation tomorrow on Woodbury equipment...perhaps I might even get to do it in Miller Hall 104 if nobody's using the classroom. I've already tested the handy dandy retractable extension cable I had to snag for my USB key. With the extension cable, I'm fine. The SVGA cable that goes from the lappie to the projector no longer blocks out the USB ports. Without it, however, I'd have to burn my presentation onto CD which would mean running a DVD and my presentation on the laptop like I intend to do won't work.

A week from Tuesday is my next Math test. Eep! Not looking forward to that.

I finally did something I should have done weeks ago with this iBook: let it run overnight so that the cron jobs that Mac OS X has to run would run. I've got to get Cocktail or something like it to run the jobs at a more appropriate hour, because I really don't enjoy the risk of keeping this running in Earthquake Country. Yes, iBooks are designed to take punishment, being that they were designed for K-12 students. However, having the lappie go flying in the middle of a 7.5 shaker (which is what some say Northridge was) would probably not be very good for its health.

Wow, there's entries for Reseda and Panorama City in Wikipedia! Kewl. The Panorama listing needs a little fleshing out, and there is only a stub for Fritz Burns, the guy who built our city along with Henry J. Kaiser of Kaiser Aluminum and Liberty Ships fame.

Wow...I gotta get going on finishing things up. This project is doable but not if I keep on dawdling. The wind is kicking up some nasty shit into the air. My sinuses are not happy. One of the effects of allergies for me is low energy. Hopefully the last bit of Diet Mountain Dew I had with dinner will kick things up a notch.