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Friday, October 21, 2005

Aargh...another paper needs to be written, an outline for another presentation needs to be drawn up, I have math homework up the ying-yang and it's stuff I'm half at sea about.

And right now I can't find the square root of my tochis.

On to politics, Cali stylee.

It's not just the Schwarzenegger push polls that are saying the "sucky six" propositions might have a chance of winning. So we need to start getting out there and educating people about just how bad the Schwarzenegger propositions are and how absolutely HIDEOUS Prop 73 is. I'm all about voting NO on EVERYTHING but some folks say that we should vote yes on Props 79 and 80.

And all this with Ah-nold and Dubya racing to the bottom in popularity, too.

This is insane. We've got to turn it around. If you hate Herr Gropenfuhrer as much as you say you do, VOTE NO ON HIS SPECIAL ELECTION.

Here's the nerve-center for the resistance: Go there and do what you can. Donate, volunteer, kick ass, stick it to the hopefully soon to be ex-Governator. If you hate seeing Ah-nold's flabby ass and hearing his Col. Klink accent on TV...DO SOMETHING!