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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

This is a diary on DailyKOS that needs to be read, and a call for help that needs to be heeded. I'm shocked, shocked, to say that women in the regions devastated by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and which also might be threatened by Wilma in the not-so-distant future are having a lot of trouble getting abortions. And these women are crying out for them, because they are in no position to be mothers due to considerations of health, considerations of financial well-being, and other personal considerations. Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama are not necessarily great hotbeds of Choice, and getting an abortion there is difficult during the best of times. Now, it's almost impossible.

In light of the new revelations about Harriet Miers, and the obvious fact that Chief Justice Roberts is no fan of abortion rights, this situation may be a preview of how life might be in some of the 50 states once these wingnuts get a chance to vote on the issue. And Californians: remember to VOTE NO ON EVERYTHING November 8th. Because one of the nightmare propositions on the ballot thanks to Herr Gropenfuhrer is Prop 73, which is the revival of the California Abortion Squeal Rule. It was ruled unconstitutional and struck from the CA State Code a few years ago, but that of course has only encouraged Christian Taliban members like Dave Monaghan of Domino's Pizza fame to dig into their pockets to put it back on the ballot.

This is an ugly world and continuing to get uglier. This is one of only many examples. Robert Anton Wilson said once that people who have a more and more optimistic view of the world are getting more and more intelligent, and people who are more pessimistic in their worldviews are getting more and more stupid. Of course, he said this during the 1970s. I suspect the converse is the case now. Only the stupid people are optimistic now. Welcome to Planet Baka. Enjoy your stay.