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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

OK. I really did do badly on the last Math test. However, it's not too late to pull my grade up, thankfully. And since I got an 82 on the first test, I'm still just hovering above a pass. I will settle for a C, just as I settled for a C for the three math classes I took at LAVC.

I also stayed up burning the midnight oil on yet another paper. This time it was for Cross-Cultural Psychology, which is my night class on Tuesdays. I also find out how I did on the midterm. I think I did ok but who knows.

This is the hardest work I've ever had to do in college. There is a rigor to the courses here that you simply don't see at a Community College, with the exception of Education 203 with Doc Rosow. The reason why Doc Rosow is so hated on sites like "Rate My Professor" is that she really does expect you to do upper division quality work. You can't just skate by. None of my profs here let you skate by. You have to do the work and do it to a high standard. If I make it through Woodbury alive, I will be well-prepared to move on to grad school.