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Friday, December 02, 2005

Post #601 on the air. Well, on the blog at least.

Anyway, I'm just hanging out. I have a few papers to do, but I'm not feeling up to it just now. I just got finished doing a couple of encodes for Saccharine Trust, and burning a CDDA CD using the original .WAV files that I captured on my "daily drive" Linux box. I am totally in love with Audacity. It's easily equal to Sound Forge under Windows. I haven't used it for multitracking yet, but as a 2-channel mastering proggie it rocks. Now if only someone would write an ACID/Ableton Live kind of program for Linux my life would be complete.

Podcast stuffs: Wil Wheaton's podcast isn't half bad. Yeah, he's talking about himself. But it's good. We start The Cartoon Geeks next month, and I hope I can do as well with my segments as he does. Then again, he's a pro actor, and has been since his childhood. Me? I hate the sound of my own voice.

I think that Radio Free Burrito will probably be the only podcast other than This Week in Tech that I will be listening to regularly. The most recent Toonzone podcast is worth picking up because Jerry Freakin' Beck is on it, but other than that it kind of is...well...meh. Hopefully TCG will do a lot better than what they do. Maybe I could be accused of being catty, but seriously, it is about as exciting as watching the characters who haunt the comic book store in "MTV's Downtown" arguing about whether Yoda or Wolverine would win in a fight. Hopefully we'll do better. Hey, they *did* name-check Dr. Toon, one of my TCG buddies. Maybe I should go easy on them. Maybe. ;-)