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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

More good news: According to Dr. Gilbert, if I didn't take the Final Exam, I would still get a B+. OK, this suggests that all my work so far has been A-grade stuff. "It's a pleasure to read papers you write" was her comment.

So I know that I'm on an A-grade trajectory for Abnormal Psych. So far my work has also been good in Psych of Aging, and I have a great deal of confidence about the paper I submitted on Monday. I find out where I stand in Cross-Cultural Psych tonight. Which leaves two classes up in the air: Math 149 and Family Systems.

Family Systems has required a hell of a lot of writing, and I'm currently behind the 8 ball on that. The book I am reading for it is dry as a bone and annoyingly written to boot. Also the required research for one of the papers that's due has been hard to come by.

However, one thing I have in my favor is that the slate is clean here at Woodbury. I'm not swimming upstream against a GPA I received 22 years ago when I didn't take things seriously enough. What I do now determines the GPA I get now. It might not kill me to get a couple of B grades in amongst the As. However, it is likely that Math 149 will yield my traditional C. That C might actually be a "Gentleman's C" if I really suck ass on the third test, which I haven't received back yet, and the final. If I don't pass Math 149, I'll have a D or an F to live down and have to cull two of my classes that I'm currently signed up for. The reason why I'm saying that I will have to cull two of them is that if I fail Math 149 this semester, it will be proven that is unwise for me to take a 15 unit load when 3 of those units are Math.

One thing: usually when I start thinking of worst case scenarios vis a vis my classes I don't usually see them come to pass. You need only go back through this blog and my previous Slashdot Journal to see that every time I have pondered failure in a Math class and less than an A grade in other classes I've been wrong. I know that sounds horribly arrogant but you have my track record since returning to LAVC to go on. Then again, this is upper-division work at a 4-year University as opposed to finishing lower-division work at a 2-year Community College. I'm in the Big Leagues now. ^_^;;;

Update 11:39PM PST: I am on an A trajectory in Cross-Cultural Psych as well. Groovy.