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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

OK, I got my licks in on my Math Prof. Thankfully every Prof here at Woodbury has to submit to student evaluations. Whether you have Tenure or not, you are accountable. So I let him have it. Hopefully he'll be taken aside and told that "maybe working at three other Colleges is acceptable at Valley, Pierce or CSUN, but not here at Woodbury." He's shortchanging everyone, at every school he teaches at.

Other than that, things are winding down nicely. Hopefully I'll get out of here tonight on the early side. I have three more papers and a Final Exam, all for one class, Family Systems. Then there's the stuff I have to do for Math 149. shudder...

I also ironed out a wrinkle in my schedule. It will mean I have a class on Sundays 1-5, but that's OK. It means my nights are free for SFVLUG and the Panorama City Neighborhood Council (Forming.) And I can tell people I'm now regularly attending Sunday School. ;-)