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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Daily Kos did not get DOSed. Their server move which was supposed to be a breeze turned out to be a little bit more of a problem than their techie guys anticipated.

In other news, it looks like USC is blowing out, but at least not blanking UCLA. I am not watching the game but USC is up now at 59, UCLA 6. Not even a Point After, Bruins? Sheesh. I think I understand why the Blue and Gold are rolling over and showing their bellies: if they actually had the temerity to *beat* USC this time they would be the spoilers, the killjoys, the guys who kept USC out of the Rose Bowl and insured they wouldn't repeat as BCS champs.

Still, I hope there isn't a goddamn riot in University Park after the game. I remember the times the Lakers won the championship and people went from partying in the streets to rioting in the streets. That shit is OLD. But it happens all the time, and not just here in LA. :P