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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Note: this rant has been stickered with an "Parental Warning: Explicit lyrics" label. Cover little Johnny and Missy's eyes and hit the back button, this ain't for the kiddies...

Sing along with me folks...Wal*Mart don't like Black people...Wal*Mart don't like Black people...

Click the first link to find out about the latest Wal*Mart atrocity. Then click the other link to download some mood music from The Legendary KO to listen to while you read this piece.

Anyway, this is the reason why I fucking hate fucking Wally*World. I haven't seen this happen at the Paranoia City Wally*World...yet. However, I have been keeping away from the place and don't go in unless it's an emergency. Wally*World is ironically the only place of its kind, what they used to call "department stores," within a few blocks of home. I don't have a KMart nearby. I don't have a Target nearby. I don't have a Costco nearby. There's a Rite Aid Drugs but it's a fucking ripoff for most stuff, although it sure was nice getting three 32MB Compact Flash cards for my ancient digital camera for $10 on Thanksgiving Weekend. (Not Friday, I actually did Buy Nothing that day.)

I mean, yeah, this happened in fucking Florida, one of the reddest red states of all. A state where, if you are Black and you get stopped by fucking cops you'd better say yessuh, nossuh or you get a billy club up your ass. (Then again that happens here in LA too.) But dig it: You have a well dressed, clean cut guy who just happens to be Black, guy wearing a polo shirt and chinos, you could not mistake the guy for a gangbanger, coming in with GAF company ID and a GAF company check to buy Wal*Mart GIFT CARDS for gifts. I am so sure someone's going to buy a whole mess of GIFT CARDS with a forged check. Gift cards have to be authorized and activated at the register, the serial number on the mag stripe is registered...christ WHAT IDIOT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS SHIT??? If this had been someone who was truly boosting merchandise, wouldn't they buy LAPTOPS??? (That was supposed to be a current events reference, folks)

I mean, this is beyond just being racist, this is anencephaly in action. Wal*Mart sucks. Deh deh DEFINITELY sucks.