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Friday, March 18, 2005

An open letter to Senator Barbara Boxer, by me, in response to a letter her "PAC For A Change" sent me backing Phil Angelides for Governor of California in 2006. Yes, I'm really stirring things up with this. It's also on my Daily KOS blog too. Please spread this meme, folks: Draft Senator Boxer to Terminate Schwarzenegger 2006.

Dear Senator Boxer,
I appreciate your support for Phil Angelides. However, Angelides simply does not have what it takes to beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2006. However, you do.

Senator Boxer, if you challenged Arnold, he would fold like the girly-man he truly is underneath those steroid-enhanced muscles. You have the respect and the admiration of progressives up and down the State of California. You are a hero to us here in California. It takes a hero, not Meathead or Angelides, to go toe to toe with the Governator.

Please, Senator Boxer. I understand you are needed in the Senate. However, there are plenty of strong progressives in California who could continue your fight in the Senate. You are needed here, in the State House, to toss that bastard Schwarzenegger (excuse my language, but he really does make me mad) out and bring a progressive agenda back to the most forward-looking State in the Union.

Need I remind you how hard it is to run for the White House from the Senate, and how easy it is to run from the White House after at least one term as Governor of a state like California? This would be a stepping stone to your ultimate destiny: the first Woman President of the United States.

Please. Help get rid of the cancer on the State House that is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Run. Please.

S. Michelle Klein-Hass