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Monday, March 07, 2005


I only got a B on that Hamlet exam. I think it wasn't a question of not studying enough, but studying too much. Next time I'd better just devour that study guide because basically the prof is spoonfeeding us the answers on that study guide. Or at least the ones he wants us to regurgitate, anyway. :P

The math test is coming up on Wednesday and I don't really think I'm ready. Oh well, you get one throwaway test, so maybe I will survive a crummy grade this time.

The fscked thing is that it takes me a really, really long time to catch on to a given concept. I have a hard time "getting it" although oddly enough algebra is easier for me to grasp than arithmetic. I have to console myself with the examples of Einstein and Poincare and how they couldn't do an easy thing like balance a checkbook but could do the most abstract, obscure mathematics...stuff that people are still trying to understand.

At least I think I'm doing ok on Bio 3, but that test is Monday...eep...