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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Ms. Geek to the rescue...

My good friend Kara Wild has been without a landline phone...and DSL...for a couple of days now. She'd love to be able to test her phone line with a corded phone (her landline phone is cordless) but alas and alack she has none. I, on the other hand, have several known-good corded phones as well as a 900MHz (802.11b friendly) cordless. So here I come to save the day. ;-)

I'm waiting for her to pick me up now.

Anyway, I'm going to be attending SFVLUG meeting tonight, and I have two things on my agenda:

1.) What weekday night will work for the majority of SFVLUGgers?
2.) How can we get behind the effort to convert Los Angeles City Government from Windows to Free/Open Source Software?

Hopefully there will be enough people there to do some good and make some decisions.

Take care,