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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Time to cool it on the eBay front...

I am tempted to kill my eBay account because it's become a problem. However, I think I might keep it, if only because 1.) I have 40 points and 100% positive feedback, which puts me in a good position should I decide to start selling; 2.) It's tough rebuilding an account from scratch; and 3.) There are certain things (older computer parts, for one) for which eBay is the only game in town.

However. I have a problem. I suppose it's a species of gambling addiction, since there is a certain amount of rush you get from "winning" a bid. However, I don't buy the "Powerless" thing. I do have power over this problem. And I certainly don't think a "higher power," if any such thing exists, is going to care about my problem and help me to resist temptation. So the 12-step approach is right out.

1.) I'm not going to regularly check eBay anymore;
2.) I'm going to confer with Richie about any and all online purchases as of 2/22/2005;
3.) Anything I do buy on eBay will be with the Visa Check Card I have with my checking account or a direct bank draft through PayPal, not credit;
4.) It's time to get serious about paying down the remaining credit card debt.

I've done without eBay before, I can do it again. The rush of "winning" is not worth the pain of having to face the day of reckoning where the bills come in.