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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Michelle is a Sicky today...

The reason why I didn't file a second report from the floor of SCALE 3x is that I have finally been hammered by that cold that was stalking me for two whole months. It finally socked it to me on the night of the 13th. I had a perfectly crummy Valentine's Day thanks to this.

However, someone else didn't have that bad of a V-Day...

Barbara Boxer gets deluged with roses!

If you click the picture, you can get a 1024 x 768 pixel version, suitable for wallpaper. It's .JPG so it works in Linux and MacOS. If you are on the Evil OS and need a .BMP, use the "save as wallpaper" option once you pop open the new window.

I think I know what Barbara Boxer needs to do next. She needs to kick Ah-nold out of the State House. I know people are saying "Boxer in 2008" but I think "Boxer in 2006" is more feasible. I know that would mean she'd have to leave the Senate, where she is the only person with cojones there, ironic as it is. But more people get into the White House from the State House. This would be a necessary intermediate step.

So? Who's with me? Barbara Boxer for Governor 2006? Tell Ah-nold "Hasta la vista, baby!" Really, I think it's doable.

Actually the second day of SCALE was kind of uneventful...not as many attendees, no thanks to the Academy Of Recording Arts And Sciences. The Grammy Awards meant that the whole Convention Center complex was sealed up tight as a drum, making it wicked hard to get in or out. I sat in on a good talk about Samba basics...too bad it was at 10 in the morning and I was insufficiently awake/caffeinated to get much out of it. I think the cold overtaking me also had something to do with my inability to retain much of the info. Well, I do have a copy of Linux Server Hacks thanks to the grrls at LinuxChixLA, so maybe I can reconstruct the information.

I have stuff to do tonight, so I'd better get going and wrap this post up.