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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Kimono update: The underarm seams are perfect. Those felt good to finish. But try as I might, the freakin' collar is not quite laying the way it should. Also there are some other oddities about the whole thing which suggests that this is some sort of a test run and should be perhaps retweaked into some sort of kimono-like-but-not-exactly-a-kimono garment. I'm also thinking that a few strategically placed velcro dots might save it.

I have my eyes on some patterns on eBay. Hopefully they won't get too expensive.

Anyway, all I need to do to finish this is a bit of hemming and/or bias tape funstuff that should be done with the brand spankin' new chibi-Sew-matic. This means that maybe I should put this down for a little while while I get friendly with the new toy. Drawstring bag time! W00t!

Chad's coming down tomorrow to get geeky with Kara's AirPort Express. Kara hasn't been able to get it going herself. If she had only gotten the Linksys I could have done the setup and had her up and running, but she wanted the AirPort because of Apple's reputation for simplicity. Ha! Simplicity! It is to laugh! I'm bringing the ThinkPad with me because I will probably have to go to SFVLUG meeting right after I get done with Chad and Kara. I will bring a couple of new (for me) 802.11's a Prism-based Linksys 802.11b (v.3), the other's a Prism54-based Netgear 802.11g card. Eventually the Linksys is going into one of the headless lappies, and the Netgear is an alternate 802.11 card for situations where I'd have access to g-speed bandwidth and/or need for WPA crypto support.

Oh yeah, speaking of laptops, Wally*World now has an AMD-based Linux preloaded laptop for $500. It's probably crappy sub-Dell stuff, comparable to Fried's "Great Quality" (not) brand. As tempting as it is, I think I'd rather not give Wally*World my money. The one and only New Year's Resolution I made was to "be more aware of where products come from and what political contributions a given company/store makes this year" and I think I've been pretty good about it. I have not darkened the Panorama City Wally*World's doorstep all year. It's meant going out of my way for some things. It's meant bus rides when that damn place is within easy walking distance. I feel better, in a Karmic sense, for doing this, though.

Maybe I should have looked up Sears Roebuck & Co. and Kmart at before I bought that sewing machine...eep!