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Friday, January 21, 2005

Wow, Blogger is in weird shape...couldn't get on with Firefox, got a lot of "document contains no data" messages. Could it be that Blogger is stressed by post-Inaugural blogging? Well, let me add my voice to the fray.

I was able to successfully avoid the TV, but I couldn't avoid spending money, dammit. My husband couldn't get me to College last night, so I had to hop a bus and spend $3 for a day pass. And the punchline? Dr. Sellwood, my Psych 1 Prof, wasn't even there. She was ailing Wednesday so I suspect she's got a full-blown something-or-another now. Cold? Flu? There's a lot of crap going around now.

The limo passes by as the crowd from Reuters

(Photo by Reuters, used under Fair Use guidelines)

The protestors rained on the inaugural parade, big time. Note how there's no Bush fans in the crowd here? Lots of anti-Bush placards. At least while the parade passed by everything was pretty much as planned.

The GOP must have paid a few freepers to blend in with the crowd and start shit, because it all ended quite violently. People being doused with pepper spray, nightsticks, arrests...oh well, so much for peacefully registering our dissent. The press blamed it on Anarchists...Emma Goldman is spinning in her Chicago grave today. :P

Yes, America is divided. And the one with the sword, rending our country in two, is George Walker Bush. You ain't MY president, buddyboy. Goddess willing, my Chairman is Howard Dean.