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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

That's it, I'm linking to Capitol Hill Blue from now on.

Again, they hit the nail right on the head regarding the coronation...umm, I mean canonization...wait, I mean inauguration tomorrow. There was only mention of FDR's wartime inaugurals in this article, which is disappointing.

People forget that Jimmy Carter's inaugural in 1977 was a toned-down affair which included the Capra-esque spectacle of the President-elect and his wife getting out of their limo and walking the parade route to the platform where Carter was sworn in. Carter didn't throw huge, elaborate parties, with or without taking from the public coffers.

It is very clear where President George W. Bush's priorities lie, and a big one is stroking off his wealthy donors/patrons. How better to do it than with a bevy of balls. If the troops really were a priority for President Dubya he would have followed FDR's excellent example and just held a small function in the White House after a brief, sober swearing-in ceremony. No balls, no parades, no concerts. Take that money and armor some hummvees, Dubya.

If you want to do something, just for yourself, here are two suggestions:

1.) Turn the TV off, and keep it off, tomorrow. Get your weather info from Weather.Com or something like that. I know I will be doing that.
2.) Keep it in your pants...your wallet, I mean. It's not going to make a big fricking difference, but if people didn't go to the store, fill up the gas tank or spend any money whatsoever tomorrow, and enough of them did it, there would definitely be a measurable glitch in the sales figures for January. Empty stores, empty would be a really interesting thing if it could be pulled off. Unlike the first suggestion, there is actually some organization behind the second...they can be found at

Friday we'll all wake up, and nothing really will have changed. Bush will still be President. American boys and girls will still be dying for nothing in Iraq. The "PATRIOT" Act will still be on the books. Osama bin Laden will still be laughing at us from an undisclosed secure location somewhere on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. And things will be as fucked up as they have been for the past 3-odd years. Tomorrow, however, let's just ignore the bastard. Fuck Dubya, fuck the Bush family, fuck Cheney, fuck Halliburton, fuck 'em all.

Oh yeah, download this MP3. Or this Vorbis file. Put 'em in your P2P sharing folder/directory and share and enjoy. Gotta have something to do tomorrow, right?