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Monday, January 17, 2005

How do you say "sexist pigs" in Tagalog?

There is a contest, ostensibly to find the next female "superstars" in IT, being held by the Philippine Computer Society. This is apparently the equivalent in the Philippines of the Association for Computing Machinery or something like that.

How are they selecting "Digital Pinay 2005?" (Pinay is colloquial Tagalog for "Filipino girl.") Are they looking for code samples? Papers on IT issues? Uh-uh. No, they want MEASUREMENTS. Bust size, waist size, height, weight, etc.

Apparently they are holding a full-blown Beauty Pageant for this. Great. :P

Thanks, SachaChua, for letting everyone on the DebianWomen mailing list know about this. You'd think this kind of crap was over with a long time ago. Wrong!