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Friday, January 07, 2005


I want everyone to know that I'm alright. Somehow or another my host, Hosting Matters, has dropped off the DNS map. Along with it, my domain has gone silent.

I am SO out of there. This has happened a few times last year. They give me a paltry amount of space and charge me a ridiculous amount when you compare with other hosts.

Sorry Annette, this is the last freaking straw. These DNS failures are unacceptable.

Any host within the sound of this blog is welcome to email me. Yes the mailto link in the right column works. I'd like a gig or two in the $12/mo range. I'd be amenable to pay in advance for the right price.

UPDATE as of 11:39PM: Hosting Matters is being DDOSed. This is not the first time this has happened.

However, I noticed in that Netcraft article that right-wing blogs like Little Green Footballs are hosted there. I'll be moving my hosting to a Blue State company, thank you very much, and hopefully won't have those kind of sites keeping mine company. :P