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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The professor didn't show for the first class. Instead, she had a TA giving out the syllabus and marking attendance. Thanks a lot, Prof. I wound up cooling my heels in the Admin building until I got kicked out at 7pm when everything shuts down, then waiting outside in the cold until 7:30 when Richie arrived early (class was supposed to be out at 8:05) to pick me up.

The grades are finally posted on the LAVC website, and I can now see how much progress I have made since when I left LAVC 22 years ago with a GPA of 2.88. I'm now up to a GPA of 3.34, 3.39 if you don't count the Non-Degree Applicable Math 112. I have basically raised my GPA one half of one grade point since my return. If you don't count the old grades and instead just look at the ones I earned since returning to school I would have a GPA of 3.675, with a bar over the 675 to denote that it infinitely repeats. 3.68 if you round to two digits precision.

Wow, and the way I just wrote that suggests even more progress. I'm getting more comfortable with Math concepts, I think.

Today I started the day by getting my books for Spring 2005. I now have all the books I need for all my classes. One thing that I did accomplish was proving that I did get the right book for my Psych 1 class, complete with being the right edition, which was a big deal last semester when I had an 8th Edition Physical Science 1 text and everyone was using the 10th edition. Since the text was almost completely unchanged, I had no trouble with the course, except for occasionally getting lost when the Prof indicated that we should look at a particular passage in the text. Looking at someone else's 10th edition was enough to get me reoriented and on the right page of the 8th edition text. Have I mentioned here that Textbook Publishers should be banished to the Ninth Circle of Hell right next to the traitors? Well, if I haven't, I did it now.

So basically I have 13 more credits to complete, and I graduate from Los Angeles Valley College with an AA in Liberal Studies. (Not one snicker, Conservative readers!) I'll have a spiffy little President's List pin to wear on my robe. I just have to ace Psych 1, English 103 and Biology 3. I would like to get a B in Math 114 but I'll settle for a C if I must. If I can eke out a B in Math 114 I will be on the Dean's List for all four semesters I have been back at Valley. If I only get a C I will miss the Dean's List by a tenth of a grade point. Hmm...maybe I should give Phys Sci 14 another shot? Hmm...maybe not. It won't be a total bummer if I don't make the Dean's List for my final semester. Best to not get too caught up in Lust of Result.