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Monday, December 27, 2004


Well, is down. The chat channel is still up, but the website is down.

It's unfortunate...Carl was dropping hints in channel that Plastic was going to lose its bandwidth, And apparently that's precisely what happened...his colocation facility cut him off before he had time to make the transition. He's looking at something like $350/mo costs to find a colo and set his server up there.

Anyway, it's pretty depressing that the site is down. It's one of the few places on the web where conversations about political and social issues where you have a good mix of opinions and most people are into an intelligent convo and not into trolling. I hope this isn't permanent. It's a great site...I'm hoping an angel or two will contact Carl and help him.

Oh yeah, I backed everything from my desktop Linux daily drive onto my laptop. It's time for the big upgrade project on the machine. It will go from a dying 20GB hard drive to 120GB, and a DVD-/+RW to replace the dead Lite-On DVD-ROM. It will also go from being just my daily drive Linux box to being the central server for my network. File services, print services...everything. It's going to rock. I just am not looking forward to actually doing the work.