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Thursday, December 30, 2004

w00h00! The last grade I was waiting on is in!

FINAL Fall 2004 scoreboard

Linguistics 1        A
Mathematics 113      C
Physical Science 1   A
Sociology 22         A

I might have had a C on Math 113, but the A grades balance the GPA out to 3.5 for the semester. This means that I am on the Dean's List again, and that I am now also on the President's List. This will mean my name will be called, I will go up on the stage and be given my pin. Yeah, a little trinket, but symbolic of something a lot more meaningful. This also means my cumulative 3.3 GPA will hold as well, or maybe even get better.

This feels really, really good. What a way to end the year, what a way to begin 2005.