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Sunday, January 09, 2005

100% Bleah today...

Rain. Lots of rain. Richie and I could sleep in today because one of his students bailed on him because of the rain.

The ex-pool is slowly but surely turning into a quagmire. I don't even think the plants are enjoying the extra added water. I am a bit concerned for my neighbors who are on ground-level with the pool, because if this continues they are going to start getting mud flowing into their apartments. I suppose nobody who owns the building stopped to think of the fact that scientists were predicting "a mild El Nino year" since June and July when they decided to make a big planter out of the pool. I suppose, when you consider the perspective that the Indian Ocean Tsunami tragedy brings, this is all a very minor consideration. Still, having to clean up after a mudflow into your apartment would still be a bummer.

The domain transfer has yet to occur, and I am beginning to get a wee bit impatient. I have an email in to Vizaweb Customer Service, and so far nobody's responded to it yet. Perhaps there's nobody in the house on Sunday? That's not normal for most ISPs/Hosting Providers. Have I gone from the frying pan and into the fire in this move? Are these guys as flaky as my still-current Host is? Oh well, only a matter of time before I find out.

I am still teetering on the brink of a cold. This has been the case for about two months now. I wish I could have gotten it over with during the 2-week downtime before Winter Intersession began, but it looks like I have to deal with it now. Not fun.