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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Kimono wrapup. (pun intended)

I have the Insta-Obi finished. I wound up putting two strips of velcro on the Obi, at the very edge of each end and at the point where the Obi fits perfectly around my waist. However, I am going to have to make a self-belt out of remaining Kimono fabric, or maybe something else like cotton, because trying to keep the kimono wrapped right, and getting the Insta-Obi fastened is a task for people with more than two arms. Suddenly the complex litany of what you have to wear along with your kimono makes total sense. Try tying a real Obi as part of dressing yourself...whoa.

However, the finished product looks good. I have some pix...just have to yoink them off my camera.

I now have enough fabric to make three more of these...I found some fabric at $1/yard, so I grabbed six yards. Purple 100% cotton fabric. So I can make a Fuu-type kimono plus a white under-kimono for the Fuu kimono, plus another cotton kimono in purple. Actually these are all more accurately called yukata, including the one I just finished. A kimono is lined. All this fabric needs to be laundered for shrinkage purposes.

I have other patterns I want to play with, and I want to get patterns that will work with the lessons in that old Simplicity sewing how-to book. Maybe I should buy more of that $1/yard purple cotton never ends...