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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Another orphan joins the fold: say hello to Beavis.

Beavis is a 600MHz Pentium III machine, which came to me with a 20GB hard drive and 128MB of RAM. I named it Beavis because it is basically a trailer trash box: Azza VIA motherboard, which should tell you a lot. I put an AWE64 sound card in it, but unfortunately it's not visible to the system yet. Stupid ISA...

Anyway, Ubuntu is installing on it like a champ. It's now connected to the Internet where it is picking up security upgrades. I was thinking of putting a new hard drive in here but I think I will just run this thing until it stops running.

I would have gone to a LinuxChix meeting today but it would have been really hard getting there from here on trains/buses. USC seems like the other side of the world when you're in the Valley. :P

Hopefully I will be able to get the sound card to kick over. If not, I suppose I'll just get a PCI sound card cheap next computer show.

Update, 5:30pm: found another EnsoniqPCI audio card hanging out in a machine I don't use. Good. That's one of those basic sound cards that Linux loves. I also snagged some RAM out of the same box the Ensoniq was in...if all goes well everything will work together. With 384MB RAM this should be a formidable machine. I might even throw in another 128 and bring it up to 512. Bitchen.