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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Sage advice and a bit of thinking things over has basically helped me get over the funk I was in yesterday. Yeah, I'm going to go to Woodbury. I could conceivably attend three more courses at Valley and get in at Cal State University, Northridge, but Dr. Rosow told me just how bad things are at CSUN. "People can't get the courses they need there. You wouldn't just be setting yourself back another year, you might be setting yourself back two years if you go there. Woodbury is a nice little University and it's just as respected as CSUN."

As far as the debt stuff goes, I suppose that it is a fact of life anywhere I go. And another person I respect greatly pointed out that student loan debt isn't quite the same as, say, credit card debt or car-loan debt. It can be stretched out almost indefinitely and it doesn't impact your FICO unless you default on it.

As far as grades go, I need to remember an old chestnut. Take "The Serenity Prayer," cut all the religious crap out of it, and paraphrase:

Accept what can't be changed serenely. Change what can be changed. And make sure you know the difference between the two.

I can't change whatever differences exist in my brain that make math hard for me, language arts easy for me, and make science either a delight or a challenge depending on what we're working on. However, I can insist on more help, and I can take the time to actually do the fsckn work I need to do. I can either fsck off this coming Spring Break, or I can make it a working holiday and catch up on my math.

One thing that will be available to me at Woodbury that isn't available to me at LAVC is more personalized attention. LAVC has a student body in the tens of thousands. So does CSUN. Woodbury only has 1,400 students.

I'm hoping that I'm making the right decision.