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Heard the Word of Blog?

Friday, March 11, 2005

Celebs with blogs...interesting development.

It seems like Wil Wheaton reinventing his career through his blogging has influenced other celebs/ex-celebs to get into the blogging habit as well. Enter Rosie O' Donnell, and her blog...she's a neighbor here at Blogger/Blogspot. It's an unusual one, to say the least...she writes everything in free verse. Some might find that annoying but I kind of like's like you are eavesdropping on her mental processes.

I wish her well. I had no idea how close she is to my age, and how she's of my own weird "Am I a boomer or am I Gen-X?" generationlet. I wish her well, and hope she will be able to reinvent herself too.

Once upon a time I was part of the poetry scene here in LA...god that feels like a lifetime ago. I wish the poetry muse would come back to stay but it kind of left me the day that I got the news my Mom was dying of cancer, and the guy who ran the Iguana Cafe blew up at me for delegating running the poetry night to my two most trusted friends. He banished us all that night, me, Emily Papa, Greg Segal, my husband Richie...what a dick. The place closed about a year later...karma has a way of coming back when you burn too many bridges.

It also seems like the FEC is having second thoughts about regulating blogs. A lot of people whom you wouldn't think would stick up for bloggers are doing exactly that. I suppose as long as I don't reprint press releases here I'll be pretty safe. I'm good at paraphrasing. Oh yeah, this blog is not for sale. I won't take any money from anyone, blue or red, left, right, center or otherwise. Any opinions here are strictly my own.

One last thing about the Rosie blog: she has the guts to put comments up. After what I went through with the original incarnation of MsGeek.Org, I decided to keep comments hidden. Once bitten, twice shy, and all that.