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Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Bio 3 test came back, and I got an 86/100. Not an "A" but a solid "B". The chemistry stuff in the test kicked my butt a little, but apparently everything else was happening. I'm hanging on with an A average.

I hope Dr. Roth likes my paper. I intend to expand the paper somewhat and then post it on the Internet...this is not for the benefit of plagiarists, mind you, but because I think it's got an important message. I put a speech I did for Speech 101 on the Internet because I feel that college students need to know the benefits of Free/Open Source software, and colleges and universities need to know how much money they would save by cutting their dependence on proprietary, high-cost software. (read: Windows) The paper I did for English 103 was about George W. Bush and why it might be that America is slipping into what can only be described as Fascism during his administration. When I get the extended "director's cut" of the paper done, I'll link it here.

Another one of my essays, which appeared here first, is apparently in a bit of demand, so I created a print version. The PDF looks like something curled up and died in it, though, so I'm going to tinker with OpenOffice.Org to get a better looking version of it together. I'll have printed copies available at the LA Needle Exchange meeting at Flor y Canto coffeehouse this Saturday.

All of a sudden I'm feeling a bit more confident. Not screwing up horribly on the test definitely helped. Being creative with words and being acknowledged for that creativity also does wonders for my self-esteem. Kewl.