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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Quick post...I actually got a passing score on my math test. Dunno about the Bio 3 test yet.

I really hope I can get on the stick and make this next week of non-scheduled time a working holiday. Do some serious woodshedding on the math, do some spring cleaning, get some shit ACCOMPLISHED, dammit...

Oh yeah: Bernie Ebbers convicted = GOOD. Senate vote OKs drilling in ANWR = BAD. Robert Blake gets his celeb "get out of jail free" card = BAD. Scott Peterson gets death penalty = Sorta good, but I would have liked him in solitary forever, with his only companion a picture of Lacy. Either that, or gut him like a fish and throw him in San Francisco Bay while he's still alive. Death's too good for people like him.

That is all. Geek signing out for the night.