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Saturday, March 19, 2005

From the "drafty, ain't it?" department...

"The little man from the draft board, he is coming to see me..."
-- Daffy Duck, 1945

When the notices come in, when every single young man and young woman aged 18-26 gets a lottery number in the mail and it's not a tip for your local state lottery, you can say, "John Kerry said it would be like this."

Thank the Goddess I'm 41. However, I fear for all my friends in whatever vulnerable age brackets there will be.

And geeks, ph34r with 6r34t ph34r, because the first people supposedly on the line in this draft will be those with network administration skills, along with doctors, dentists, nurses and those studying to be doctors, dentists and nurses.

Don't just trust me, mind's some links to chew on:
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This is fucked. Time to get into fight mode. Now.