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Saturday, February 18, 2006

[WARNING: Explicit snarkiness ahead, but the emotions are real.]

I think I might take a break from the political blogging for a while. I am just too heartsick. I suspect that what happened to Paul Hackett is in store for Ned Lamont, the man who wants to challenge Joe Lieberman in Connecticut, and I have also learned that Cindy Sheehan has backed off from challenging DiFi too.

All of this strong-arming is going to keep good candidates from wanting to run as Democrats. And of course, you can't be good if you want to run as a GOP candidate. [/snark] If you make a run as a third-party candidate, you are a "spoiler" and deserve to be tarred and feathered and run out on a rail like Ralph Nader should have been. [/more snark]

It's beginning to look like people in the Democratic Party are taking money under the table from the GOP to sabotage the 2006 midterms.[/yet more snark] If we ran strong and ran hard with strong candidates we could have both the House and the Senate under Dem control, and Speaker Pelosi could proceed with impeachment proceedings against George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and their hell-spawned cabinet. But the more I look at things the more it seems like the Dems are getting ready to take a dive and help the GOP consolidate their one-party rule of the Red States of America.

What's it going to take to end this? What the fuck is it going to take? The secession of the Blue States? Mass emigration from the US? Revolution? It certainly doesn't look good for peaceful electoral change, that's for sure. Between these shenanigans and the continuing drama with Diebold's eminently hackable voting machines, it's looking worse and worse.

Today I'm going to yank "Enough Is Enough 2006" off the air. Because as far as I can tell any effort I make will be in vain so long as corporatist Dems work to sabotage any attempt at change. I'm going to be looking very carefully at my emigration options once I finish my BA. Like the Bowie song says, this is not America.