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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Another orphan joins the orphanage...

My computer karma continues to be very nice. Solomon Chang from LAMP SIG dropped yet another 600 series (600e) ThinkPad on me. It is an ex-Enron lappie, which is oddly enough not an uncommon thing considering the facts of the company's going bust. For example, there is another person here at SCALE 2006 who also has an ex-Enron 600e. I'm hoping to get him and Chad Page together so that his sound problems could be solved.

What I'm going to do with this machine is set it up as a managed Wireless access point. The hard drive in this puppy is questionable, and the screen is definitely not working. However, the CD works, the lappie has a USB port so I can use a USB key for logging and so on, or another option would be using the external 600 series floppy drive to use for that purpose.

The solution I have in mind is PUBLICip. Just drop by their site to see what kind of features the system allows. I will be putting two NICs into the machine, one to allow the connection to the Internet, the other for the connection to the Wireless Access Point.

I'm sleep deprived and geeking out here, so I'd better cut this short before I get completely incoherent. I'll wrap up SCALE tomorrow in these pages.