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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Return of the King: "If you don't draw for a living, then you really don't belong in this building."

Wow, John Lasseter is kicking ass and taking names now that he's in charge of Feature Animation and Theme Parks at Disney. Those were reportedly his first words upon entering the Animation building at Disney in Burbank. He's now taken up residence inside the big wizard's hat, and is reportedly going to send a whole layer of suits packing. Not bad for a true-blue Cartoon Geek.

The thing that apparently has some people concerned is that Lasseter is such a theme park geek he might be so distracted rebuilding Disney Imagineering as to neglect things at Feature Animation. But I don't think we should be worried. Lasseter's first love is cartoons.

His pronouncements ring so Kricfalusian that I wonder if maybe John K. might find a new home at Disney. THAT would be weird. But suddenly nothing seems impossible at the House of Mouse.