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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Mission Accomplished. And I don't mean that in the Bush sense of the word.

We now have possession of Moby-kun. We are mobile again in our own vehicle.

Yes, it's bigger than Midori-chan was. We actually have to fold up the side view mirrors to protect them when Richie parks it in our teensy little apartment-building garage.

It feels good. The vehicle feels good to ride in. It might not be new but it looks well-cared-for and we can't let that change. We've got an idea to put curtains in the windows to allow for some privacy for camping in the thing. Since everything is blue in the car, we're thinking Denim. Nice and opaque.

We probably also have a place to stash the middle seat. Thanks Jack. The back seat folds down and out of the way, so that can stay, but the middle seat is fixed in an upright position and only seats two more people. Not very practical. On those rare times when we might have to transport 7 people in the van it would come in handy. But I really can't see more than 5 people riding in the van at a time.

We need to really, really take care of this car with the same obsessive care as the original owners did. Maybe we don't have much else in common with them. But they kept this car well, and we owe it to them to do the same.