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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Lay on, MacBook...

The Macs with Intel Inside have arrived, and they look sweet. The PowerBook is now MacBook Pro, and has a Core Duo dual core chip (the chip formerly known as Pentium M) inside. Vroom. And the G5 iMacs are now Core Duo iMacs. Sweet.

However: where the HELL is the Core Solo Mac mini? All signs pointed to a single core Yonah making it into a revved-up Mac mini. I guess that has to wait until the MacBook Home (or will it be iBook still?) arrives, perhaps in a few months.

Still and all, this is a good move on Apple's part. I approve.

I got one more book today from my purchase on Half.Com. It still is upsetting how slow it got to me but at least it's here. Next time for sure I'm going to spend a little extra and upgrade the postage.

Update 1:43pm: the Core Solo Mac mini isn't out yet because the Core Solo chip isn't ready yet. That's logical.