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Friday, December 30, 2005

With regard to opening this blog up for comment:

I have noticed that there has been no email either for or against comments. And after my experience with the previous incarnation of MsGeek.Org, I think that there is too much of a risk of becoming a target again, even with comment moderation on to shield the audience from gratuitous crapflooding horror. Because if I don't let comments through, I am likely to get targeted in other web presences I run.

So MsGeek.Org will remain my private soapbox. And it will become less political and more geeky and maintain its focus on my progress towards my Bachelors. I started a personal blog to document my return to school. The rest of the musings on this blog is, as the folk in N'awlins put it, lagniappe. A little something extra.

However, I am becoming more and more convinced that Enough Is Enough 2006, which will become the new home base for my political meanderings and the political meanderings of friends, (at least through 2006) should be opened up to moderated comment. Especially if I am able to attract more hands on deck. Beep is a dear friend and fellow progressive, and she will be making her voice known on a regular basis. A decision will be posted on Enough Is Enough 2006 when it is made, sometime in the next few weeks.

Tomorrow (If I am not too tired after imitating the Scrubbing Bubbles as I attempt to tidy up around here) I will post a "This Year In Tech" 2005 geek wrapup here, and a "That Was The Year That Was" 2005 political wrapup on Enough Is Enough.