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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

More scoreboard stuff...

Abnormal Psych A
Psych of Aging
Cross Cultural Psych A-
Family Systems A
Math 149

My GPA is at 3.89, up from 3.85. Not as good as a 4.00 but I'll take it. I spoke to a friend of mine who went to UC Berkeley where they have fractional grading just like Woodbury and she said that a lot of professors will give people A- instead of an A because the want to reserve the A for people who really excel in a class. She said that I shouldn't stress about getting the A- instead because I'll still wind up with a decent GPA.

Still, I worry about Math 149. I wasn't expecting my Math prof to come in early with his grades, but today is the deadline. I should know about the rest of everything come tomorrow or Thursday.

Update 10:43pm:
Scoreboard, kudasai!

Abnormal Psych A
Psych of Aging A-
Cross Cultural Psych A-
Family Systems A
Math 149 ??

OK, so I got two As and two A-s. I was actually expecting a B out of Dr. Spradling in Psych of Aging, so an A- is nice. This means that even if I get a big fat F on Math 149 I am still in the B-average ballpark. If by some miracle I get a C in Math 149 it will mean a 3.46 GPA. That is pretty damn good for someone adjusting to her first semester in a University-level environment. I can live with this.