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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Final scoreboard...

...and the first semester at Woodbury goes into the record books. I'm surprised, I'm relieved, and I am damn glad I'm done with Algebra. Stats this Fall. 15 more units this Spring, but none of it is Math. Whew! ^_^;

Woodbury University Fall 2005 final
Course Cred Gr GP
Abnormal Psych 3 A 12.00
Psych of Aging 3 A- 11.01
Cross Cultural Psych 3 A- 11.01
Family Systems 3 A 12.00
Math 149 3 B 09.00
Totals 15 55.02
GPA 3.66

Hopefully this will mean some more scholarship money. Goddess knows I need it.

/me exhales...