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Saturday, December 24, 2005

A genuine Xmas Miracle (tm) to report.

1.) The "Our New Orleans" CDs arrived about a half-hour ago from Amazon.Com. I never knew that UPS delivered on Saturday. Apparently they do.

2.) The "Our New Orleans" CD is genuine Red Book audio. No DRM funny stuff. Thank you, Nonesuch Records. OK, this is not a license for all you Warez-heads to rip this CD and put it up on Limewire or Kazaa or Bittorrent or whatever. This is a heads-up so that all of you who want to do something good for yourself and for the survivors of Katrina to GO AND BUY THIS CD. The music is awesome and the cause is a good one. It just means you can put this on your MP3 player without paying twice for it.

3.) Remember my hassles with my web host, VizaWeb? Well, they have offered me a 25% discount to stick around for another year, and promised better service. So far since they expanded to a larger server farm in October things have been better there. And moving your stuff from one web host to another is a royal PITA. So I'm staying put.

All in all, a good Xmas. And I don't even celebrate it! Could it be a Festivus Miracle? An Oshogatsu Miracle? Just people being decent to each other for a change instead of being jerks? Yeah, that's the ticket. Happy whatever you celebrate, folks. ^_^